Illuminating Love

You are the harsh light of the sun

broken by prisms,

cascading into a thousand fractured rainbows

across my soul.

You illuminate all that I am

in the soft glow of translucent color.

Could I stand to search the deepest

shadows of my heart without that loving glow?


And so,

Alight on me with you dream like love.

Show me all that I am, in your eyes.

And, perhaps, I will see myself as you do,

and be happy.

The Hidden Heart: A Poem

Dear, sweet, Heart,

I see you there,

staring from behind that thick curtain,

behind that bullet proof window,

in that house of brick and steal you built around yourself.


Dear, sweet, Heart,

please, just go to the door,

open the top latch,

and then the chain,

and the dead bolt,

and the second dead bolt,

on the steal door you’re barricaded behind.


Dear, sweet, Heart,

open that door to me.

Let a small crack of light fall against you,

feel just the tiniest breeze of my love.


Dear, sweet, Heart,

open that door to me.