Fort Triumph Strategy RPG Game Review

Hey guys! This isn’t the normal post for Amanda Heiser Writes, it’s a guest post by a friend of mine. I’m all for reviews, but I am not a gamer I am horrible at all games more complicated then Computer Solitaire. So Angel Sisson, of TwoGeeksOneCamera, a gamer, a writer, a human extraordinaire, has done me this favor and written up a review of Fort Triumph. I hear it’s an RPG Strategy game, fascinating. 

(Image is from the KickStarter page for the game)

Hello everyone, Angel here! I’m currently writing this blog post on behalf of a company
known as Fort Triumph. They recently approached me to take a look at their game demo,
Triumph RPG -link above-to see what I thought about it.

Now for those of you who enjoy games with a bit of strategy and goofy humor then this
is a game for you. It’s a bit wonky with actual implementation of the fire spell, I burned down the entire village on simi-accidental circumstances, and the strategy part is rather on the nose when scripted but very off in most battles due to rogue AI. I found, after several playthroughs of the demo, that it is a hard game to get far in if you don’t watch your spells. Fire travels quick and you can very well crush your own characters if you target the wrong spot. You need to think carefully before casting anything.

That being said there are a lot of fun little details and ideas this demo did well. There are multiple heroes for one. Each has a separate role and they fall into it very well.
I grew rather fond of the caster myself -cough–flames everywhere–cough- and the barbarian like fighter was fun to kick around goblins with.

The health system was rather straight forward too. You get a small dot counter above your characters that tell you what you have left and, though it disappears on occasion, it can be nice to have when trying to keep up with everyone.

The controls themselves were easy to use and close enough that they make strategy, when it worked with AI, quick and simple.

The best part of the demo, that I found, was the heroes’ little stories themselves. They were humorous and self mocking with just enough snark that I giggled almost every time I played it.

After seeing the game and testing it on several different settings I have a high approval of this demo. For what it is, a uniquely fun concept, it held up nicely even if some of the mechanics did what they were meant to far too well. For those of you who would like to take a look at the game demo yourselves take a look at the kickstarter link found above in the introduction. They have until Tue, May 23 2017 at 2:03 PM EDT to hit their funding goal so if you like what you see then I recommend backing them.

My rating for this demo is 7/10 and one of my recommended games.


Q & A  (for more FAQ, jet on over to the Kick Starter page linked in the intro at the top of the post)

  1. Will there be customizable heroes for the full game? If so will they be preset classes or can you choose?

We are planning to allow players to customize heroes looks and name at the very least, as well as being able to pick their abilities and specialize them to their tactics. There might be more customization if we achieve our funding stretch goals and are able to expand our current plans.

  1. Will the full game have randomized maps?

Absolutely, almost all of the tactical missions will be randomized, some will have greater constraints based on the player’s progress through the campaign, but no two fights should ever be the same.

  1. Will we have talent trees or is the character progress linear?

There will definitely be talents, abilities or skills to pick from, the exact form of our character progression is still being developed. One thing it will NOT be is linear, though.

  1. How long has production taken so far? If uncomfortable with that question no need to answer.

The first doodles of code were written over three years ago, back when the game was a neat concept developed occasionally. However it can be said that full scale development only started once some artists got on board, which means about a year ago.

  1. Through development has there been any parts that you found most enjoyable about working on the game?

We all love gameplay and balance debates best, most likely. We can spend hours theorycrafting and breaking down aspects of gameplay, and often produce basic test builds just to prove our points. Since we started public playtesting it’s gotten even better, with us reading out people’s suggestions and figuring out how they can be made part of our vision.     

  1. Will there be additions to the game after it’s ‘finished’ DLC or Addons? If unsure no need to answer.

            While we are unsure, we absolutely love working on Fort Triumph, which means if Kickstarter succeeds, early access sales go well and we have the resources to continue building our game – we will probably be all over that.

  1. What stage is the demo in? Alpha? Beta? Or is it just a pre release teaser?

Our current demo is a pre-alpha, with a planned alpha period starting after   Kickstarter (once we have full systems prototypes implemented), a beta starting       alongside Steam Early Access, and release coming next year.

  1. Is there anything you’d like to have people know about the game? Anything your team is really proud of?

We’re aiming for a new experience in the genre, and we LOVE the way physics affect the turn based tactics formula so far. Would love for you to give our demo a try, help us gather Kickstarter support, and join our development process with feedback, votes and suggestions.


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