Once Upon a Winter’s Storm

An introduction so that the below makes just the (tiniest) bit more sense; a prompt inspired this. “Tell Me a story, but include blatant and overbearing product placement.”


The earth outside Ron’s window stood as a stark example of why people flock to Walmart before a bad storm. He had braved the early moments of the storm, but he’d made it to the Super Store too late, all the staple items were long gone when he finally made the drive. Thankfully, he’d made it in time to snag the last four cans of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. They were all that stood between him and starvation in the coming 24 hours of blizzard.

Well, he was a rotund man, and had ample food stores, but none of it seemed appetizing at four o’clock in the morning on a Tuesday. So, he’d braved the storm just the same.

He’d made it home just in time for the winds to really get going and the power to go out. But Ron was resourceful, nothing would keep him from his meal. He had fired up his woodstove, grabbed a couple bottles of water from the pantry, and got to the work of cooking up a little bowl of heavenly noodle goodness, right in the copper pot he kept on hand for such occasions.

That’s right, possibilities, right in his living room. He had prepared himself the kind of soup that was so homey it could melt a snowman and leave a small child sitting at your kitchen table. Mmmm Mmmm goodness had abounded in that small copper pot. Ron almost couldn’t contain himself in his bulging red cardigan; the excitement had been that palpable.

And now, watching the snow swirl outside his grand picture window, he ate that wondrous bowl of goodness. It warmed his bones so well it almost felt like a giant snowman was melting off him. Across his yard, Ron could almost see the Campbell’s Soup logo come into focus as the blizzard faded into a deep black screen.